Dr. Raymond Rezaie Discusses Several Easy Ways to Prevent Obesity

Montreal doctor Dr. Raymond Rezaie

March 15, 2021

Dr. Raymond Rezaie

Dr. Rezaie recently discussed several easy strategies for preventing obesity in Canada.

About 7.3 million adults in Canada were reported obese in 2018. An astonishing 9.9 million more were deemed overweight. Sixty-three percent of the country’s population is currently experiencing an increased health risk due to being overweight. These numbers are shocking, and Dr. Raymond Rezaie of Quebec is doing what he can to curb this major national health issue.

Dr. Raymond Rezaie explained that Canadians as a whole need to focus on preventing and managing obesity. There’s no easy solution to combating obesity, but a number of small life changes can create major positive results. Dr. Raymond Rezaie added that a combined effort by healthcare professionals, community leaders, childcare professionals, schools, and more can result in living, learning, and working environments that promote a healthful lifestyle.

“The key to fighting obesity is reaching a healthy weight and maintaining it,” Dr. Raymond Rezaie said. “Short-term fad diets won’t create the results we need to see as a country.”

Rezaie explained that quick dietary changes followed by bouts of old bad habits will not result in a sustained healthy weight. Fighting obesity as a country means creating living environments that promote physical activity and a healthful diet. Rezaie added that the first step to preventing obesity is assessing your weight and determining if you are overweight or obese. This lays the groundwork for solving the problem.

“Many efforts to prevent obesity begin at the community level,” Dr. Raymond Rezaie said. “Schools and workplaces need to offer healthy food choices, and people need to have the education to understand which items will support a healthy lifestyle and which will not.”

Dr. Raymond Rezaie explained that adults need to take much of the responsibility for their obesity. The foods parents bring home are the foods the entire family eats. Developing a healthy eating plan or solely stocking healthful items in the fridge and pantry can result in healthier eating and an overall healthier lifestyle. Similarly, Dr. Rezaie recommended against keeping any processed food items or sugary drinks in the house. You won’t be able to reach for these items if they’re not available.

“As a society, we need to remember that exercise can be fun,” Dr. Rezaie said. “We’ve begun to think that exercise solely involves going for a run or hitting the gym.”

Dr. Raymond Rezaie explained that it’s essential for kids and adults to find exercise outlets they enjoy doing. He suggested exercising with friends and playing sports as healthy and enjoyable ways to exercise. Dr. Raymond Rezaie added that exercise should be an outlet for stress-relief and enjoyment and doesn’t need to be something we dread or put-off.

“Preventing obesity involves a series of small actions that lead to much larger results,” Dr. Raymond Rezaie said. “Adjust your diet, exercise often, limit screen time, and encourage a healthy lifestyle to friends and family. Together, as a community, we can fight this preventable disease.”