Dr. Raymond Rezaie Discusses Why Obesity is a Grave Threat For Kids

Montreal doctor Dr. Raymond Rezaie

July 23, 2021

Dr. Raymond Rezaie Discusses Why Obesity is a Grave Threat For Kids

Any parent worried about obesity should check out these insights from Dr. Raymond Rezaie.

Obesity has become a grave issue in Canada, the United States, and other countries. While obesity rates are often highest among adults, it affects children as well. To combat obesity, it’s important to understand why it’s a threat. Dr. Raymond Rezaie is going to break down some threats obesity poses for children.

“Obesity is a serious issue and is linked to many health problems,” Dr. Raymond Rezaie argues. “You might think it’s just baby fat and that the child will burn it off. Sometimes that happens, but often intervention is needed.”

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that childhood obesity is linked to many health problems, including high blood pressure, sleep apnea and asthma, joint pain, fatty liver disease, and other conditions. Obesity may increase the risks of your child developing Type II diabetes, which can be fatal if not properly managed.

“You can’t overstate how much of a threat obesity is regarding health problems,” Dr. Raymond Rezaie says. “We’re seeing obese children develop heart disease at a young age. If you’re overweight and suffer a fall, the extra weight may result in more severe injuries.”

Physical health is obviously an important issue. However, when it comes to obesity among children, parents consider the psychological impact of being overweight.

Research has found that obese children are more likely to suffer from low self-esteem. In some cases, overweight kids are teased and bullied. Many overweight kids also suffer from anxiety, depression, and other mental issues.

Not only will your child have to deal with these issues from day to day, they could also interfere with learning. Your child may not do as well in school as she or he could have. This could lead to missed career opportunities, college admissions problems, and more.

“Mental health is very important for your kids,” Dr. Raymond Rezaie points out. “Kids with good mental health often perform better in school, and later, in life. Unfortunately, obesity may increase the risks of your child suffering from various mental health issues.”

Dr. Raymond Rezaie Discusses Methods For Encouraging Great Health Among Children

Many parents want to combat obesity, but it’s often hard to do so. Children often need a helping hand when it comes to losing weight, and parents may be in the best position to offer assistance.

“Start young,” Dr. Raymond Rezaie says. “It’s best to avoid sweets at a young age so that your kids don’t get addicted to them. Some kids don’t like vegetables, often because they’re bitter, but you can find veggies that have a mild taste. Start with them.”

You should try to lead by example. Children often mimic their parents, so you should eat healthy too. Also, consider pool time or playing catch in the yard as often as possible. Signing your child up for team sports, like soccer, is also great both for learning and staying in shape.