Dr. Raymond Rezaie Covers The Most Common Diet Deficiencies

Montreal doctor Dr. Raymond Rezaie

September 23, 2021

Dr. Raymond Rezaie Covers The Most Common Diet Deficiencies

Worried about your diet? You should be! Fortunately, Dr. Raymond Rezaie has some suggestions.

Unfortunately, many people young and old suffer from nutritional deficiencies, which can lead to serious medical complications. If you or your loved ones aren’t enjoying a healthy, balanced diet, it’s time to change things up. Diet deficiencies can lead to problems now and later in life too. Dr. Raymond Rezaie is going to share some vital insights.

“It’s smart to talk with a nutrition expert, such as your family doctor,” Dr. Raymond Rezaie says. “Your body needs a huge variety of vitamins, minerals, and other important molecules. If you don’t enjoy a proper diet, you may suffer deficiencies. Further, if you consume too much, that might hurt you as well.”

Iron deficiencies rank among the most common deficiencies. Some studies have found that roughly half of the preschool children suffer from an iron deficiency. Among the greater population, roughly a quarter of people may suffer from this deficiency.

“Iron deficiencies are something we commonly encounter in medicine,” Dr. Raymond Rezaie says. “That’s a big deal because it can cause cardiovascular issues and other problems.”

Some red meats as well as beans are rich in iron.

Iodine deficiencies are also very common. If you suffer from this deficiency, you may experience shortness of breath, problems with your metabolic rate, and more.

While some deficiencies exhibit obvious and serious symptoms, others don’t. That doesn’t mean these deficiencies are unimportant. Over time, they could cause serious health problems, such as blindness and other major medical complications.

Vitamin D deficiencies are widespread. And yet, few people realize they have a Vitamin D deficiency.

“With a Vitamin D deficiency, you may suffer from weakened bones,” Dr. Raymond Rezaie points out. “A simple fall could result in a bad break. You might think it’s bad luck, but a vitamin deficiency may be the cause.”

Besides Vitamin D, you need to make sure you get enough calcium as well or you could suffer from weakened bones. Fortunately, some drinks and foods are fortified with Vitamin D and calcium, making it easier to get the necessary amounts.

Many other deficiencies can cause problems. A lack of Vitamin A can lead to blindness, for example, while magnesium deficiencies may be linked to diabetes.

Dr. Raymond Rezaie Discusses Nutrition and Prevention

Many people suffer from diet deficiencies. That’s why it’s smart to speak with a doctor or other nutrition expert. It’s also smart to keep a food journal to track what you’re eating. That way, you can provide medical experts with the information.

“Keeping a food journal is very wise,” Dr. Raymond Rezaie suggests. “If you can accurately describe your diet to your doctor, it’s easier to identify deficiencies. Then your doctor can recommend diet changes and vitamin supplements.”

If you are suffering from deficiencies, you need to address them sooner rather than later. Vitamin deficiencies can cause irreparable damage.