Dr. Raymond Rezaie Discusses the Most Challenging Aspects of a Career in Medicine

Montreal doctor Dr. Raymond Rezaie

September 23, 2021

Dr. Raymond Rezaie Discusses the Most Challenging Aspects of a Career in Medicine

Considering a career as a doctor, nurse, or another medical professional? See what physician Dr. Raymond Rezaie has to say.

Considering a career in medicine? Working as a doctor, dentist, nurse, or other health practitioner allows you to make a huge impact on the lives of others. Generally speaking, careers in medicine are prestigious and the pay is often good. That said, the hours can be long and the work hard. Dr. Raymond Rezaie is going to offer some insights into a career in medicine.

“A career in medicine is often very prestigious,” Dr. Raymond Rezaie notes, “and many parents encouraged their kids to work in medicine, to be doctors and other practitioners and researchers. My career in medicine has been fulfilling but also challenging.”

Even before you start your career in medicine, expect to put in long hours at university. Most medical careers require extensive training and education. Getting into medical school or another training program requires a lot of hard work and study. From there, the studying only gets more challenging.

“If you don’t like studying and don’t enjoy intense intellectual engagements, medical school and similar programs are going to be very, very difficult,” Dr. Raymond Rezaie says. “Being a doctor often involves a lot of hands-on work, but that’s backed up by years of study and decades of modern medical knowledge.”

While studying for a medical career takes a lot of effort, the knowledge acquired is necessary for treating patients. Yet learning never stops for doctors, nurses, dentists, and others.

Medical technologies and treatments have advanced at breakneck speed, and the practices and methods doctors use today may be obsolete in ten or fifteen years. By constantly learning about the latest and greatest technologies and advancements, you can help improve yourself as a medical practitioner. That means constant effort.

Yet even so, the work will remain challenging.

“Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people have come to realize how hard people in healthcare work,” Dr. Raymond Rezaie says. “These past months have been exceptionally hard, but even before the pandemic, many people worked long hours.”

Dr. Raymond Rezaie Discusses the Reward of a Career in Medicine

Based on the above, you might think that a career in medicine simply isn’t worth it. For some people, it’s not. Yet many practitioners love what they do and couldn’t imagine a career in another field. A career in medicine is often fast-paced and engaging. Further, you’ll also get to help people.

“My career in medicine has been challenging, but I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Dr. Raymond Rezaie argues. “Each day is a fresh challenge and I can put my skills to work solving problems, and most importantly, helping people. Still, such a career isn’t for everyone.”

When considering a career in medicine, you have to weigh the challenges with the benefits. For some, the challenges themselves can be benefits, encouraging problem-solving and the like. Still, a career in medicine is demanding, so before pursuing such a career, it’s wise to weigh your options.