Dr. Raymond Rezaie Offers Health Tips for Families With Kids Returning to School

Montreal doctor Dr. Raymond Rezaie

September 23, 2021

Dr. Raymond Rezaie Offers Health Tips for Families With Kids Returning to School

Have kids headed back to school? If so, you need to read these tips and suggestions from Dr. Raymond Rezaie.

School is back in session, and many hope that the 2021 school year will offer a return to normalcy. While the COVID-19 pandemic remains a serious issue, vaccines and other public health measures suggest that there might be light at the end of the tunnel. Leading physician Dr. Raymond Rezaie is going to offer some health tips for kids returning to school.

“Children aren’t at a high risk personally of serious complications from COVID-19,” Dr. Raymond Rezaie notes. “That said, some kids do end up gravely ill and they can always spread the disease to other, more vulnerable people. For these reasons, COVID-19 vaccinations are typically recommended for eligible children, and especially those returning to school in-person.”

Vaccines alone may not be enough to stop COVID-19, especially at school. Right now, only children older than 12 years of age are approved for the COVID-19 vaccine. More testing must be conducted to ensure that the shot is safe and effective for younger children.

Teaching your younger children to wash their hands, cover their mouth when coughing and sneezing, and otherwise to take steps to reduce the spread of diseases is smart. And that’s true year-in and year-out, not just amid pandemics.

“Children can spread diseases pretty quickly,” Dr. Raymond Rezaie says. “Schools are natural incubators for microbes. Proper habits, like washing your hands and wearing masks, when appropriate, can reduce the spread of microbes.”

COVID-19 is far from the only concern as well. Last winter’s flu season was one of the quietest seasons in history. That was due, in part, to the social distancing measures put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic. Such measures slowed not just the spread of COVID-19 but other diseases as well.

Besides the COVID-19 vaccine, it’s also wise to get the flu shot this year. Even if you normally skip the flu vaccine, it’s worth considering one this time around.

“There’s a possibility that the flu season this year will be historically bad,” Dr. Raymond Rezaie argues. “Your body and the general population may have less immunity and familiarity with this year’s strains of the flu. If social distancing continues, however, this could slow the flu down.”

Pay Attention to Your Child’s Nutrition, Exercise, and Other Factors

Health isn’t just about viruses. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be hard to remember that. And amid social distancing, many people let their diet slip and weren’t as on the ball about exercise. Kids too lacked the benefit of proper gym classes.

“A lot of people have let their diet slip these past months, that’s understandable,” Dr. Raymond Rezaie says. “Still, it’s time to get back on track. Pack healthy lunches for your kids, or encourage healthy snacks, like fruit, at home.”

Spending time outdoors on the weekends or after school is smart too. Taking your kids to the playground or on bike rides will help them get into the habit of exercising.